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A group of patient-focused organizations working to ensure Utahns can afford life-saving prescription drugs, especially those with complex and chronic conditions

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About Us 

The Utah All Copays Count Coalition is a group of patient-focused organizations working to help people living with complex or chronic conditions afford critical treatments by ensuring all copays count.

Who We Are

Coalition Members

Aimed Alliance

American Cancer Society – Cancer Action Network

American Diabetes Association

Arthritis Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation – Utah Chapter

Hemophilia Federation of America

International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis

Infusion Access Foundation

Jennifer Hepworth, Patient Advocate

Lupus and Allied Diseases Association, Inc.

MentalHealthyFit Utah

Multiple Sclerosis Society – Utah Chapter

National Hemophilia Foundation

National Psoriasis Foundation

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Utah Aids Foundation

Utah Hemophilia Foundation

Coalition Partners

Ark Insurance Solutions

Association For Clinical Oncology

Global Healthy Living Foundation

Health Agents for America

International Cancer Advocacy Network

National Infusion Center Association

Society of Utah Medical Oncologists

The Apothecary Shoppe

Utah Pharmacy Association

Utah Nurses Association

Utah Nurse Practitioners

Our Mission

In response to the rising use of copay accumulator adjustment programs in Utah, the Utah All Copays Count Coalition supports legislation to ensure all payments made by or on behalf of patients are counted toward their deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. This is critical to help patients, especially those with complex and chronic conditions, adhere to their treatment plan.


Medication to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders are incredibly expensive. Annual treatment costs, depending upon severity, can run from $250,000 to $1M. A patient’s out-of-pocket co-pay for one month’s supply of medication can be as much as $5,000. As you can imagine, it becomes necessary for a patient to utilize third party co-pay assistance to, even, afford this medication. 
Copay accumulators are regressive and inequitable, placing yet another oppressive burden on 400 Utah families with bleeding disorders, who may already struggle to meet their basic needs. For this reason, the Utah Hemophilia Foundation strongly supports and advocates for legislation that requires health plans to credit ALL payments toward patient deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. Ready access to affordable medication should not be a luxury but a basic human right.

Utah Hemophilia Foundation 

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